Legislation and Compliance / Workplace relations

  • Review and creation of employment contracts
  • Support with understanding the Fair Work Act and The National Employment Standards
  • Award Interpretation
  • Support with performance counselling, disciplinary action and terminations
  • Redundancy Support
  • Fair Work compliance audits

Organisational Development

  • Implementation of Human Resources strategies
  • Implementation of performance management systems
  • Managing culture and change within your business
  • Organisational climate and workplace culture diagnosis
  • Strategic recruitment advice
  • Identifying leadership competencies and organisational values
  • Advice and implementation of HR policies and procedures

Investigations and Disputes

  • Workplace investigations
  • Workplace mediations, dispute resolution, conflict resolution

HR Coaching and Mentoring

An efficient and responsive HR team is an important element in any organisation. By improving their skills and by using expert coaching, the benefits include staff who:

  • Are motivated and value the continued investment in their skills
  • Work to help your organisation to meet the laws and requirements of IR and workplace legislation
  • Maintain relevant organisational policies and procedures
  • Help line-managers with their staffing challenges and projects.

HR coaching is suitable for HR Officers and Advisors, newly appointed HR managers, line-managers and other positions that have HR responsibilities within the organisation.

  • Analysis of the current skills and training needs of individual HR professionals on your team
  • Devising a personal development plan (PDP) that will help individual HR staff to develop specific skills, including training options that suit your learning style
  • Mentoring of on-hand support and encouragement from HR experts

Onsite HR Business Partnering

If your organisation needs some HR fine-tuning, consider placing one of our Consultants into your office to work on your HR policies, processes and projects.

Under the terms of this flexible HR solution we become your on-site partner and work with you to set up your HR function and develop a strategic and commercially focused HR Strategy to support the short and long term direction of their business.

We will provide you with vital support in areas such as policies and procedures, recruitment, induction, position descriptions, performance management and appraisal reviews. Their key focus is to execute the HR plan and strategy and develop the skills and capabilities of line managers.

Our on-site HR partnering service is suited to organisations that:

  • Have no internal HR function or limited specialist/generalist HR support
  • Employ between 10 and 100+ staff in Australia
  • Require on-site HR support without increasing the head count
  • Are seeking an HR partner with access to expertise, as needed
  • Need a flexible arrangement to meet specific demands or project deliverables.

Our approach to sourcing your on-site HR resource includes:

  • An initial consultation to assess your organisation’s requirements
  • Recruitment of a qualified and experienced HR professional who is suited to your industry and workplace culture
  • An assigned on-site resource 1-3 days per week
  • A 3, 6, or 12-month engagement

HR Outsourcing

Beeson HR Consulting provides a range of flexible HR solutions for organisations seeking to outsource specialist services or the full HR function. We work collaboratively with our clients as a partner and seek to understand your organisation, its drivers, its culture and its objectives. We tailor our services according to your specific needs, particular environment and operating framework, and believe in delivering effective and sustainable solutions.

Strategic, operational and specialist support can be offered in:

  • Starting your HR department
  • Performance management
  • HR consulting
  • Independent workplace investigations
  • Workplace Relations / Industrial Relations
  • HR policies and procedures

As your HR outsourcing partner we can:

  • Support and provide expertise to help your employees to perform
  • Guide and advise you through everyday HR issues
  • Provide access to a broad range of skills and expertise to meet your specific needs
  • Minimise your risk by helping to ensure compliance and good practice
  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Empower and educate your people in situations where they work closely with highly specialised and experienced consultants.

Industrial Relations and Workplace Relations

Beeson HR Consulting offers a wide range of workplace relations / industrial relations services to assist professional organisations to manage their regulatory requirements and adopt best-practice employment principles.

Our national team of senior workplace relations / industrial relations Consultants have extensive experience in providing technical advice, as well as advocacy and representation services across a broad range of industry sectors and jurisdictions.

Our Consultants can be engaged flexibly on a project or consulting basis, or be retained to provide an on-demand telephone and email advisory service.
Independent Workplace Investigations Mediation and Dispute Services

Beeson HR Consulting provides the following services:

  • Independent Workplace Investigations
  • Workplace Inquiries and Assessments
  • Workplace Mediation Services
  • Workplace Investigation Officer training
  • Reviews of Internal Investigations

Independent Workplace Investigations
Independent workplace investigations are used by organisations to conduct formal investigations into complaints and allegations relating to inappropriate workplace behaviours including workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Workplace Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services
Workplace mediation services are used when organisations are seeking to resolve issues in a cost-effective and informal manner

Reviews of Internal Investigations
Beeson HR Consulting can review an investigation that has been conducted internally by an organisation. This can be required to confirm procedural fairness has been observed or to test the validity of the findings.